It’s been a whirlwind of a week for James Charles amid his feud with former friend Tati Westbrook. With everything that’s happened to the 19-year-old beauty guru lately, fans can’t help but want to know everything about him, including his net worth.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, James’ value is projected to be $12 million. Despite being super young, the YouTuber has a handful of deals that helped him get to where he is, making his earnings not so shocking.

For starters, in 2016, he became the first-ever male spokesmodel for Cover Girl. On top of that, he currently has a YouTube channel of over 13 million subscribers, sells his own merchandise, and in 2018, he collaborated with Morphe and launched an artistry palette — and it doesn’t end there. He is associated with various beauty companies including Morphe, Lashes, Skindinavia and Laura’s Boutique, meaning he gets a percentage of the income whenever someone uses the discount code “JAMES” before checking out.

James Charles at the Met Gala
Taylor Hill/FilmMagic

Over the course of nearly three years, James has become an established makeup personality — he even got invited to the 2019 Met Gala for the very first time. However, thanks to his very public dispute with the Halo founder, 37, the vlogger has lost millions of followers and the respect of many.

On Friday, May 10, Tati dropped a 43-minute video titled “BYE SISTER,” in which she publicly condemned James and ended her friendship with him over a betrayal. Their issues date back to Coachella in April, when James decided to promote SugarBearHair on his Instagram, which happens to be the main competitor of Tati’s vitamin brand.

Naturally, Tati was upset and hurt by this, so she let out all her feelings in the video and also accused James of other shady behavior, such as trying to convince straight men that they are gay. James responded back in an eight-minute apology video. However, it doesn’t seem to be doing much since he’s lost roughly three million YouTube subscribers and counting in less than a week. Lesson learned? We hope so.