Uh-oh! Bachelor in Paradise alum Carly Waddell came under fire after promoting a weight loss product while pregnant. Although the reality starlet mentioned in the caption that she was using the drink as a substitution for coffee, fans couldn’t help but point out that it was definitely a questionable item to be posting about.

“You’re pregnant and endorsing a company that sells unsafe weight loss products. Real nice,” one person commented on the 33-year-old’s selfie that she posted on Monday, May 13. Someone else added, “Unfollowing — this is so unhealthy and dangerous for your younger followers.”

Many people noted that numerous amounts of social media celebs, including many members of Bachelor Nation, promote the same kinds of products. “Can all the ‘influencers’ that post this crap just be honest to their followers … you don’t use this product and you know it,” a fan called out in a lengthy comment.

“You take a picture and post it for the $$$ … which is understandable, however, realize who you are ‘influencing’: young adults who look up to you and are impressionable enough to buy useless products like this.” The person concluded their emotional statement by writing, “Keep it real and don’t say yes to everything just for the money.”

Carly’s post came five days after announcing that she was expecting her second child with her husband, Evan Bass. “Pregnancy is something SO special but giving up some of the things I love can be really hard for me, like coffee. It’s a time that I’m so cautious of what I’m putting into my body,” the singer captioned the questionable post that featured the tea in a promotional tumbler.

The Dream Train artist pointed out that she consulted with her doctor about the product. “It has much less caffeine than coffee but gives me enough natural energy for my busy lifestyle … (Dr. said 2 cups a day!),” she continued.

The starlet even revealed that she drank the product while pregnant with her first child, Bella, 15 months, and she claimed that the “benefits are endless.”

Hmmm … it looks like Carly’s followers spilled a lot more ~tea~ of their own.