‘Bachelor in Paradise’ Stars Carly and Evan’s Baby Bella Looks Just Like Daddy

It’s official, Carly Waddell and Evan Bass have one of the cutest babies in Bachelor Nation (if not all of Hollywood), and the pictures are the proof. But they also prove that baby Isabella, aka Bella, looks just like her dad, and it’s pretty adorable. The little girl, who was born earlier this year in February, is just one of two Bachelor in Paradise babies — Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert‘s daughter Emerson, aka Emy, is the other (although who knows if Ashley Iaconetti and Jared Haibon may be adding to that number in the next few years!). 

The two Paradise moms also started their own podcast called Babes & Babies to talk about motherhood — and on it, Carly admits that she’s getting pretty sick of hearing people say how much Bella and Evan look alike. Luckily, she’s starting to see herself in her daughter’s face, too. She even posted a side-by-side of Bella’s pic and her own baby pic to show what she means, and we can totally see what she’s talking about. 

But we have to say, she’s mostly right about the “she’s got a lot of her daddy in her” part. And fans agree. “All Evan,” wrote one fan. “Evan has a strong genes, all his kids looks like him,” said another. “His boys are his clones! The Bass genes run strong for sure!” commented a third. Evan’s had a lot of experience being a dad — his oldest son is in his teens — but having a daughter is a new experience for everyone. And having a daughter who’s your mini-me must be really special. Want to see more pictures of Baby Bella? Check out the gallery below to see all the cutest pictures of Evan and Carly’s Paradise baby.