Bachelor Nation star Carly Waddell shared details on Sunday, June 20, about why she was rushed to the hospital one week earlier. Her ex Evan Bass previously said his estranged wife was in “rough shape” during the scary situation. 

Carly, 35, began experiencing “really bad intestinal cramps” during a flight, which continued to get more intense as time passed. “I couldn’t breathe anymore,” she recalled during a 15-minute video on Instagram. “Then I got super, super hot and super, super nauseous, and I stopped being able to see and I stopped being able to hear.”

Once the flight landed, she tried standing up to alert people that she needed to get off the plane but “passed out.” She added, “I can’t even explain to you how sick I felt. Everything was hurting.”

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Carly Waddell/Instagram

The reality star was rushed to the hospital when her blood pressure dropped to a dangerously low level. Carly said she could not stop throwing up and was extremely dehydrated. However, doctors could not point to exactly what caused her illness.

“They said it was probably a virus or bacteria that just got me and got me really good,” she said. “I don’t really have any answers. I just was, like, really down for the count. The only thing that really helped was fluid and time.” She’s still recuperating at home and is experiencing intestinal cramps, but they are not as painful as they were.

Evan gave fans a few small updates during the situation on June 14. “Carly’s first ambulance ride,” the 38-year-old captioned a photo via his Instagram Story of Carly laying in a hospital bed with her eyes closed. “She’s gonna be OK, and my goodness, this brings back some memories.”

What Happened to Carly Waddell? Ex Evan Bass Gives Update
Evan Bass/Instagram

The erectile dysfunction specialist was seemingly referring to season 4 of Bachelor in Paradise when he fell ill and had to go to the hospital in Mexico. Carly was by his side, and that is where their love began to bloom. 

Although the singer was able to go home after “nine hours” at the hospital, she was not completely in the clear. Evan acknowledged they “may have to go back” in a separate message while thanking their followers for the “thoughts and prayers” on his Instagram Story.

What Happened to Carly Waddell? Ex Evan Bass Gives Update
Evan Bass/Instagram

“I know y’all wanna know what’s going on, but it’s her health and story to tell if she wants to share,” the reality star wrote. “I did get her permission to share [the] photo from earlier so you can relax Jan from Wisconsin.”

Evan added, “In all the madness, she lost her phone, and she really needs to rest, so it might be a bit.”

Carly and Evan wed in June 2017 in Mexico after getting engaged during season 4 of Paradise, and their big day was officiated by former Bachelor host Chris Harrison. They share two children — daughter Isabella, 3, and son Charlie, 19 months. Evan also has three older sons, Nathan, Liam and Ensley, from his previous marriage to Marie Bass. 

In December 2020, the Bachelor couple announced their split after three years of marriage. Carly has since taken to her YouTube channel to share more details inside their uncoupling, including that Evan was the one who asked for the divorce.

“We separated the day after Thanksgiving. We’ve been going to therapy for years,” she explained. “We tried. We tried, y’all, for a really long time to make it work. We went to therapy.”

“We focused a lot more on the kids than we focused on ourselves. And, ultimately, I think that was probably our biggest downfall was that the kids kinda came at the top of the pyramid and we never put ourselves at the top,” Carly continued about the reason behind their breakup. “If you don’t have a foundation for yourself, then you crumble. The last two years have just been really hard. We’ve been trying to figure it out and trying, trying, trying.”

The pair has yet to finalize their divorce, but Evan told his Instagram followers during a Q&A on June 12 that he is “dating” again.