We are dying to know Cheryl Blossom’s fate on Riverdale … pun absolutely intended. Thankfully, actress Madelaine Petsch sat down with Life & Style while promoting her Privé Revaux M3 Collection launching on May 27, to dish on her whether or not her beloved character will meet her demise!

So, is the red-headed beauty just like her character? “You know, I wouldn’t say I’m like her too much. I think one thing that I relate to with her is that I think most people can relate to a vulnerable side of your life when you didn’t really know who you are and you’re still figuring it out,” she dished. “I definitely can relate to that, and so that’s kind of how I connect with her and then least like her is that kind of negative facade that she puts out. I think it’s not very nice, but I like playing it.”

Even though the cast works long hours, the 24-year-old couldn’t have asked for a better show to be on. “I would say aside from the acting and the character, I’d say the people that I work with for sure,” she said when asked what her favorite part of the job was. “Even the crew, I mean we’re all literally a family,” she said.

Madelanie Petsch Wearing Sunglasses at an Event
Getty Images for Privé Revaux

Meanwhile, the actress has another endeavor up her sleeve — she recently launched a new sunglasses collection called M3. “I mean, something about me is I’ve had so many pairs of sunglasses my whole life and you lose them so frequently that at a price point of $39.95, you’re not going to kick yourself for losing a pair of sunglasses for the most part,” she said.

“I knew that I wanted to go with another small frame again, but I wanted to change it up in a way that I don’t typically see, which was the rectangular and then the different metals,” she explained. “I knew I wanted something that was a little bit more edgy, which I think are the Mads in a weird way. The Matrix I like to wear on the tip of my nose, and then the Monroe are a fun every day kind of sunglasses to me.” So chic!

The season finale of Riverdale airs on the CW on Wednesday, May 15, at 8 p.m. ET.

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