It’s hard to believe that The Ring is officially 15 years old, and yet we still can’t get the image of that creepy little girl Samera out of our heads. When she crawls out of the TV? Come on! The anniversary of the epically haunting horror film left us wondering what actress Daveigh Chase grew up to look like, and the answer is truly surprising! Watch the video below to see how she looks at 27 years old, and to find out what she’s been up to:

She’s a total babe, right?! Who would have thought that the the long-haired demon would grow up to be so stunning and talented? It might just help us get over our longtime fear of the dark thanks to that movie. Daveigh was 12 years old when the film came out, so it’s really no surprise that she’s gotten past her awkward (read: horrifying) phase and grown into a beautiful young woman.

But what about the little boy from The Ring?

The little boy Aidan may not have been killed and shoved down a well, but he was still pretty creepy with his weirdo drawings. So what’s he been up to? Well, David Dorfman, who played Naomi Watts’ son, has been a busy bee since his Ring days! He made a name for himself in other projects like The Ring Two, Texas Chainsaw Massacre and Ghost Whisperer. While doing all that, he went to UCLA at a super young age and graduated (as valedictorian!) when he was just 17. What the what!? He went on to go to Harvard Law School. Since then, he’s left the movie industry behind. He’s a 24-year-old now, but unfortunately, the most recent picture we could find is from 2010. Here’s what he looked like:

david dorfman, getty, paramount
YouTube/Getty Images

David Dorfman at nine (left) and at 17 (right).