It may be Labor Day 2017, but the holiday will not stop Week 4 of Bachelor in Paradise! This season seems to be flying by and now that we’re approaching the final weeks, the network is still scheduled to air two new episodes, starting on Monday, Sept. 4 at its regularly scheduled time slot at 8 p.m. on ABC. But even though things are coming to a close, that doesn’t mean there will be any shortage of drama.

Kristina Schulman has had a rough run during this season, and it’s all thanks to Rachel Lindsay’s former The Bachelorette contestant Dean Unglert. Dean is caught in the middle of a love triangle with Kristina and her fellow Bachelor Season 21 star Danielle “DLo” Lombard, and things are going to get even more complicated with the arrival of the twins Emily and Haley Ferguson.

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Bachelor Nation fans went into panic mode when Season 4 of BiP was on the chopping block amid the sexual assault scandal involving DeMario Jackson and Corinne Olympios. “It’s going to be a very different season — in some ways, not great, and in some ways, I think, very interesting and very organic,” Chris told the The Hollywood Reporter before the season premiere. “We were all very emotional at the time, and we kind of just rode that wave of how we were feeling. I try to explain what you are about to see. I will kind of guide you through those first few days up until the shutdown, and you will see right up until that moment where we did shut down.”

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On a happier note, Bachelor fans got to see Carly Waddell and Evan Bass’ beachside wedding during Episode 2. Shortly after tying the knot, the couple revealed they were expecting their first child together.

“Evan and I are SO EXCITED to announce we are HAVING A BABY,” Carly wrote on Instagram. “What a beautiful, wonderful, wild year it has been and the adventure continues Feb 2018!” See BiP does work…

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So, what else can you expect from Paradise this season? Click here for all the spoilers if you just can’t wait any longer.

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