Bye Felicia. That is what Bachelor Nation is saying after Arie Luyendyk Jr. sent Krystal Nielson — this season's villain on The Bachelor — home. Since the first episode, Krystal and her high-pitched voice have been rubbing contestants and viewers the wrong way, and they were all asking, "When does Krystal go home?"

Well, it finally happened and on week six she was left sitting alone with a view of the Eiffel Tower following her two-on-one date with Kendall in Paris — which, in our opinion, is the best way to say goodbye to a mean girl! And it didn't come soon enough for a lot of people.

"I get left on an island and Krystal sits at a table at a chateau? Where’s the fairness in that?" former villain Olivia Caridi tweeted before another added, "The Eagles win and Krystal goes home! Stellar week and it's only Monday!" A third predicted, "Krystal says she has 'so much more love to give,' so I look forward to seeing her on the Bachelor in Paradise."

Previously, fans saw her feud with everyone from Bekah M. to Caroline to Tia. “People don’t wanna be around you, Krystal, because you’re not being real about the real things that you’re feeling,” Bekah previously said, to which Krystal fired back, “And what? And open up and just be attacked?!”

The fitness coach has spoken out against her haters and defended her "baby voice" after she started receiving backlash on social media. A redditor claimed Krystal told her followers she lost her voice during the first week of the reality dating competition, which explains why it sounds so high-pitched. "I just watched her IG story after reading this and OMG her actual voice is 10 X better than how she sounds on the show," one fan confirmed.

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