Now that Nick Viall handed out his final rose to Vanessa Grimaldi, it's time for the upcoming Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay, 31, to find her happily ever after.

So, when does the new season start? Season 13 begins airing Monday, May 22, on ABC at 9 p.m. And if you're like us — a viewer who can't wait weeks to see which lucky guy gets Rachel's final rose — you can find spoilers here.

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On the After the Final Rose special, Rachel actually met four of her suitors — Demario, Blake, Dane, and Eric — who each had a few seconds to chat with the beauty in front of the live audience.

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The attorney, who admits she's "ready to find love and a husband," made history when she was announced as the franchise's first ever black lead.

“I’m obviously nervous and excited to take on this opportunity, but I don’t feel added pressure being the first black Bachelorette, because to me, I’m just a black woman trying to find love. Yes, I’m doing so on this huge stage, but again, my journey of love isn’t any different just because my skin color is," she said.

We can't wait to watch!