Things got a little crazy in the February 26 episode of My Big Fat Fabulous Life when Whitney Thore decided to get a bit too comfortable on vacation. The reality star, 34, straight-up peed in a hot tub without any concern for anyone joining her. But the part that had fans the most shook was that her friends knew about it, and still got in with her!

As her friends were preparing themselves to have some fun in the water, Whitney decided to urinate in the tub, and quickly announced it to her crew. The TV star didn’t seem to care that she was being filmed for the show, and apparently neither did her friends. On the other hand, fans definitely cared. Many took to Twitter to express their thoughts on the situation.

One fan straight-up called Whitney out. “OK what is wrong with Whitney, a grown woman peeing in the hot tub?” read the tweet. “But WHAT IS WRONG WITH THE OTHER ONES for getting in AFTER she peed????!!!! You’re all weird and gross. #MyBigFatFabLife #MyBigFatFabulousLife”

Another complimented the TLC star on everything she’s done, with the exception of the hot tub incident. “Whitney I think you’re great! I think you’re amazing, all your marathons,” they wrote. “Anyone who has anything negative probably couldn’t [have] done half of that! One problem is peeing in the hot tub when your friends had to get in. That was my ‘eww’ moment.”


And then there are a few viewers solely shaming her friends for willingly getting into the tub after what they just witnessed. “Y’all are nasty. Y’all still got in that urinated hot tub after Whitney says she peed in the hot tub? No ma’am,” wrote one fan. “Honestly that hot tub scene really pissed me off for some reason. No pun intended either. Idk why but it’s just beyond … then her nasty friends got in,” tweeted another viewer.

The people have spoken! Hopefully next time Whitney can use the bathroom instead.