The new season of The Voice premiered on Monday, February 25, and there’s one contestant who got Blake Shelton’s attention right away. Her name is LiLi Joy and she sang her own rendition of Gwen Stefani’s “Cool,” and it was amazing.

As soon as the 15-year-old started to sing, the country star’s eyes lit up. Blake, 42, quickly pressed the red button to turn his chair around. “I got to do it,” he said right before meeting the singer for the first time. LiLi did an acoustic version and played her ukulele on stage, which seemed to further surprise Blake.

During her performance, Kelly Clarkson pointed out what may have sounded like a very obvious fact to Blake. “You know this is Gwen right?” she asked, referring to the choice of song. “What?” replied the “God Gave Me You” singer. The convo kept going. “This is Gwen’s song,” Kelly said. Blake asked the “Since U Been” singer if she was being serious, before he jokingly admitted he knows that his girlfriend’s tune.

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When the performance was over, Blake gave LiLi a standing ovation and expressed his gratitude over not having to fight his costars to mentor her. “Thank God!” he shouted, referring to being the only judge to turn his chair around.

“You did Gwen’s song and that did get my attention. But I hit my button because of your voice,” he told the contestant. “I can’t wait for Gwen to hear that. She’s going to flip out. That was so cool.”

Afterward, Kelly chimed in and complimented LiLi, while also explaining why she didn’t turn her chair around for her and it makes total sense. “I kind of selfishly wanted you to be on his team ’cause of the Gwen thing,” she said. “I thought it was a lie. I didn’t think they were really dating.”

“I couldn’t believe it either, actually,” said Blake. TBH, same. Over three years later and the celeb couple is still going strong!