Swifties pick up on everything! Taylor Swift recently shared a series of cryptic photos, and one of them in particular many believe is her way of teasing upcoming music. The “We Are Never Getting Back Together” singer, 29, posted a pic of palm trees on February 25, which was later tied to the possibility of collaboration between her and Katy Perry.

First off, Taylor captioned the shot of the plants with seven palm tree emojis on Instagram. Some fans think she could be hinting at her dropping a seventh album. Secondly, the “Fireworks” singer, 34, shared a photo posing in front of palm trees about a month ago. Maybe this is a case of pure coincidence, but there are more hints suggesting these two could be up to something.

When the pair of pop stars finally reconciled last year, Katy sent Taylor an olive branch with a note attached. “Dear Old Friend — I’ve been doing some reflecting on past miscommunications and the feelings between us I really want to clear the air, I am deeply sorry for…” read a portion of the letter, which Taylor shared on social media at the time. There’s a chance this holds a special meaning for these two considering trees symbolizes “peace,” “triumph” and “eternal life.”

Not only do the trees play a significant role in piecing everything together, but so do flamingos. On one of her special edition covers for the Reputation magazines Taylor created, she wore a flamingo on her camouflage jacket. Recently, Katy took a pic with a giant flamingo as well.

Fans were quick to come up with theories on what all this could mean. “Not trying to be loud…..but olive branches and palm trees are both symbols for peace……….are we getting a Taylor Swift and Katy Perry collab I NEED TO KNOW,” one person tweeted. “Katy Perry, Taylor Swift – FLAMBOYANCE is coming,” another person wrote, tying in the title of Katy’s next project.

Last but not least, Ryan Tedder, who has worked with Taylor in the past, changed his Twitter header to a pic of palm trees. Perhaps there is some music these three cooked up in the studio. We’ll have to wait and see!