Look out, Taylor Swift stans! The singer posted a few very cryptic photos on Instagram recently, and they are definitely open to interpretation. Considering the songstress loves dropping clues about her upcoming projects, it’s no surprise social media is flooded with fan theories. One question trumps all: Is there a new Taylor album coming out?

On February 24, the 29-year-old posted a dreamy image full of stars, palm trees and hazy coloring. Knowing how the pop star operates, this probably has a much deeper meaning. About 12 hours later, she posted another picture of herself sitting on a staircase with the same sort of editing.

The songstress captioned her first photo with seven palm tree emojis which fans instantly assumed meant that Taylor was working on dropping her seventh studio album (now being referred to as TS7). Not a bad thought!

Taylor Swift reputation Stadium Tour - Tokyo
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Let’s break down what this mysterious picture could mean. The placement of the palm trees within the photo is very peculiar — they are clustered together in a group of four, one single tree and a group of two. Fans hypothesized that these could be leafy representations of her previous albums. Taylor Swift, Fearless, Speak Now and Red are categorized as country music while 1989 and Reputation are pop. Perhaps her new album’s sound would fall somewhere in the middle?

The “Bad Blood” singer’s latest photos on Instagram appear to share a similar color scheme of blues and pinks (potential album art?), but there seems to be another pattern that Twitter noticed. Besides the seven palm trees, one person noted, “Look how she has just posted seven photos during 2019 and she made the seventh one ABOUT #TS7.” Interesting observation.

Taylor Swift Look What You Made Me Do Music Video

Some people theorized that the pop princess has had this album in the works for a while. Eagle-eyed fans noticed in the background of her “Look What You Made Me Do” music video it looks like she’s dressed in a palm tree outfit. Since that “version” of Taylor is not at the forefront, there are a few ideas that say TS7 was supposed to come out after 1989 but was put on hold when the singer had to redeem her tainted reputation. There is no such thing as a happy accident when it comes to the blonde beauty.

So, when can we expect to hear new music? Depending on how you interpret the clues left by Taylor, it could potentially be in the very near future. As previously mentioned, some fans believe the way the palm trees are laid out in her photo could mean new music has an April 12 release date.

Stans of the singer pointed out on Twitter that the Reputation calendar also has a special mark on April 13, which seems a little ~too~ convenient.

There were were also 61 stars in the background of her Instagram photo, and fans think they could represent the number of days until the release, which would put the drop date in early May. Other diehard Swifties were quick to note that the “Dress” songbird sports a palm tree on her jacket in her Reputation calendar for the month of July.

She’s so mysterious, but we love her for it! We’re sure she’ll be dropping more clues soon.

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