If at first you lose your BFF to a cheating scandal, you then must take your own selfies. Though Kylie Jenner has seemingly kicked her former best friendJordyn Woods, to the curb after finding out that she hooked up with her older sis Khloé Kardashian‘s baby daddy, Tristan Thompson, after a night of partying on February 17, she doesn’t look like she’s suffering all that much in the aftermath.

Case in point, the 21-year-old uploaded a hot selfie vid to Instagram on February 26 and it’s clear Ky is the Queen of being unbothered about the drama. Plus, that fire filter works too well on her.

Considering Ky stepped out with a Jordy look-alike on February 22, it looks as though the Instagram model has definitely been dropped from the Kar-Jenner roster. TBH, it’s a little crazy to think of a world where Ky and her 21-year-old pal aren’t joined at the hip. If you didn’t already know, before the scandal, Jordy was living with Kylie at her Calabasas home — Ky has since kicked her old roommate out in an allegiance with her 34-year-old scorned sis.

Jordyn’s collab with Kylie’s makeup brand Kylie Cosmetics has also been discounted on the brand’s shop, so it seems as though the purge is truly real, y’all. It makes sense, since the Instagram model did admit her wrongdoings to Khloé after being confronted. Mind you, this was after maintaining her innocence first. Sketchy.

Sisters gotta support sisters, though, so when four of the five Kar-Jenner ladies came together on February 26 to prove things were as tight as ever between the crew — namely, Kylie and Koko — we really couldn’t get enough of the adorable photo shoot sesh.

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“Forever,” big sis Kourtney Kardashian captioned her photo with Kendall Jenner, Kylie and Khloé all looking super hot together. Though the makeup mogul hasn’t given a public statement about the incident that undoubtedly had her between a rock and a hard place, it’s clear where her loyalties lie. Family first, y’all.