You can hate them, or love them … But honestly, what kind of show would The Bachelor be without some villains?  We love the drama and they give us what we want. So, props to them! Here are the top villains from the show’s history.

Corinne Olympios

Nick Viall’s first kiss on his season of The Bachelor caught our eye – and Nick’s! The businesswoman had haters come at her early on for having a “nanny” and basically admitting to not knowing how to do anything for herself, including peeling and chopping up cucumbers – which viewers saw her nanny Raquel do for her in her Bachelor introduction. Between being the queen of taking random naps during rose ceremonies, taking her top off in front of other contestants, and wearing a coat with nothing underneath, this blonde beauty most definitely made her mark in Bachelor Nation.

Here Are the Top 5 Villains From The Bachelor and Bachelorette
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Olivia Caridi

The former TV anchor tried to take over Ben Higgins’ heart but failed. The best part about Olivia? She was completely unaware that she was in fact season 20’s villain. After capturing Ben’s first impression rose, she thought she was in it to win it. Her one major mistake was comparing Amanda Stanton’s life to an episode of Teen Mom. Yes, that happened. The comment sparked a mutual hatred among all the woman competing for Ben’s heart. That night, multiple different contestants used their pre-rose time to speak to Ben about their feelings about Olivia — which was a game changer for the bachelor himself. During week 6, Olivia was literally left behind on a deserted island as Ben gave his two-on-one rose to Emily Ferguson.

Krystal Nielson

Krystal was eliminated on season six of Arie’s Luyendyk’s season of The Bachelor. The infamous bowling date is where this fitness coach’s competitive side came out — a little too much. Arie took the girls on a group bowling date, where he promised the members of the winning team extra one-one-one time that very same night, while the losing team went home to their hotel. Of course, Arie had a change of heart and decided to invite the losing team to join the party. Well, Krystal did not take that well. She basically threw a tantrum, went on a strike from the second part of the date, and continued to call Arie a “liar” to the other girls — which in turn forced Arie to send her home on the next episode.

Kelsey Poe

This contestant fought hard for Chris Soules (Prince Charming) and used her deceased husband as her storyline to keep her in the show. Her famous quote “Isn’t my story wonderful?” made her pretty much score one of the top spots for biggest villains in Bachelor history. But wait, not finished yet! Kelsey also seemingly faked a panic attack in order to avoid elimination … kinda smart? Anyway, her “amazing” story only got so far. Due to her double date with enemy Ashley I being filled with non-stop drama, Chris said buh-bye to both of them.

Here Are the Top 5 Villains From The Bachelor and Bachelorette
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Chad Johnson

The Chad Johnson takes a top spot of the biggest villain in Bachelor History. DUH. Some call it JoJo’s season, and some call it Chad’s season. This cocky villain became the talk of the town of JoJo Fletcher’s season when he stepped foot into the mansion. His non-stop meat eating obsession, bizarre fitness routine, and constant threats against fellow contestants made him easy to never forget. Remember when Chris Harrison had to hire a security guard to watch Chad while he was sleeping? LOL! He is also known for having some of the biggest burns in Bachelor Nation, including what he once said to Jordan Rodgers (who is laughing now). “You’re a 27-year-old failed football player. You’ve done nothing with your life other than throw a piece of leather.” Not only did he make brutal comments to the other men in the house, he even made one to JoJo! During a group date, he called JoJo “naggy,” after she asked him to perform a task … that was required of everyone. We had to say goodbye to the chadmonster after he had his two-on-one date with one of his enemies from the show, Alex Woytkiw. When Alex spilled the tea on Chad’s psycho tendencies, JoJo, of course, sent him on his way home.

Luke Parker

Luke P. quickly became the most controversial contestant on Hannah Brown‘s season. The Florida native had a target on his back after receiving the first impression rose. Then, on the first group date, he announced on stage that he was “starting to fall in love” with the leading lady. The rest of the guys caught him in numerous lies, which made him the center of all the drama. Hannah even tried sending him home during week 6 but he begged for another chance and was able to stick around.

Bachelorette Hannah Brown Laughs With Contestant Luke Parker
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Where there’s love … there are Bachelor Nation villains!