The first impression rose has officially been given out by Hannah Brown on The Bachelorette. The lucky contestant who caught her eye is Luke P. and he seems to be just her type. Considering there are 30 guys vying for the former beauty queen’s heart, it’s definitely a difficult task to stand out.

Luke was the first guy to pull Hannah aside after the limo entrances and he was “really, really into” her since seeing her on the first episode of Colton Underwood‘s season. He also told the gorgeous leading lady, “I’m on a high right now from spending time with Hannah. I never thought I would catch such strong feelings so quickly.”

Luke and Hannah B.

Cam may have gotten the first kiss of the season but Luke got the first impression rose. He went and comforted her after Scott was exposed for having a girlfriend. “I’m here for you,” he assured her. Later, she pulled the blonde stud aside and said, “I’m excited when I get to talk to you and I look forward to getting to know you better … I really like you and I wanted you to know that.” He accepted “without a doubt.”

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In his bio, the 24-year-old describes himself as a “good Christian boy” who “prides himself on being able to get along with anyone.” It’s a little surprising considering that Luke looks to be at the center of the drama this season. In a recent trailer, Hannah can be seen asking the stud, “Why does every single guy here dislike you?”

Later, a separate contestant bluntly confesses, “We all know that Luke P. is an evil, pathological liar.” Then, another guy divulges about Luke, “You are violent, you are aggressive, you are a psychopath.” A few shots in the promo definitely make the Georgia native look a bit intense. It seems like he starts playing too rough during a group date then he shouts at someone, “I’ve been nothing but truthful and you are not going to mess it up.”

Besides getting into confrontations with the guys, it looks like he and Hannah will hit a bit of a rough patch. “I need to know that it’s real and to do that you have to go all in,” the Alabama native says through tears to which Luke responds, “I don’t know if I can get there.”

Hmmm … what actually happens to Luke this season? Keep reading to find out. Caution: Season spoilers about Luke are beyond this point, stop reading if you don’t want to know quite yet!

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Despite the obvious bumps he’s going to experience during the season, the blonde stud does indeed make it to hometown dates, according to Reality Steve. Judging from fan pictures captured in Santorini, Greece, Luke P. survives that rose ceremony and is secured a spot in the final three. This means that the two will most likely be spending a night in the fantasy suite together. The pair obviously have physical chemistry but it will be interesting to watch their relationship unfold.

Good luck, Hannah!