The newest season of The Bachelorette already looks so dramatic. In the latest trailer, Hannah Brown can be seen sobbing over the contestants talking to her about “stupid s–t” instead of having real, intimate conversations and getting to know her. It looks like Chris Harrison wasn’t lying when he said we had no idea what to expect.

It looks like there’s tons of sexual chemistry between the 24-year-old and a few of her contestants because the trailer starts off with many shots of intense making out. Then, the drama sets in — doesn’t it always?

Hannah Brown the bachelorette bikini making out top guys

“None of you know anything about me,” the former beauty queen says to a few of the guys on what looks to be a group date. She continued, “And what makes me me and the things that I’ve gone through because nobody’s even asked. ‘Cause all we do is talk about stupid s–t.” Yikes. The Alabama native added, “So, figure it out or I don’t want to do this.”

Later, Hannah can be heard saying, “I’m a normal human being, like, trying to be the Bachelorette. I don’t know what to do and I’m scared.”

Hannah Brown bachelorette crying new season curly hair

Even more drama happens on night one when former contestants Demi Burnett and Katie Morton play as “Hannah’s angels” and observe the contestants from a surveillance van outside. Apparently, they catch some shady behavior because it looks like Hannah pulls one of the guy’s aside and demands, “How dare you come here and think this is OK?”

These guys are definitely giving the peppy leading lady a run for her money. “Honestly, my trust has been, like, completely broken so I’m for sure going to do what I want to do,” she promises while crying in the promo video.

Hannah Brown the bachelorette making out kissing contestants alabama

However, it’s not all tears and drama. Hannah looks to have some serious chemistry with a few lucky contestants and even admits that to someone that she’s “falling in love” with him.

We can’t wait for Hannah’s journey to begin on May 13!