After Hannah Brown made her debut as the newest Bachelorette, fans called her out for appearing a little awkward in front of her future contestants. But don’t worry about the upcoming season yet! A source revealed exclusively to Life & Style that the former beauty queen isn’t that klutzy, she was just nervous.

“It was so weird seeing her live [on the Bachelor finale] because she’s not that awkward!” the insider dished. “She’s not that shy at all. She’s usually comfortable in her own skin and when she’s confident and knows what she’s doing in front of cameras, she can really work it like for her past pageant interviews. She was just a bit shocked by meeting the guys right then and there that night.” When you unexpectedly start your journey to find love in front of Chris Harrison and the rest of America, nerves are pretty understandable.

Hannah Brown during bachelor finale
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As for the idea of finding her perfect match on a reality show? The Southern beauty is all in. “She was so excited and she knows her life’s going to change. She’s definitely a hopeless romantic and has always pictured getting married and settling down,” the source admitted. “She’s always wanted more and this is her chance to find what else is out there.”

The insider was certain that the contestants are going to absolutely fall for the Alabama native. “You won’t ever meet someone who has something bad to say about Hannah,” the source gushed. “She’s the girl next door. She’s that girl you wanna bring home. She’s that Southern charm and she can giggle at anything, even an awkward moment, and doesn’t take life so seriously.”

Basically, what you see is what you get with our new leading lady. The insider added, “She’s the funniest person. She can laugh at herself and have a good time. It’s comical to watch her videos. And she’s just a real person — she tells it like it is.”

We can’t wait for Hannah’s journey. Good luck!