New trailers for this season of The Bachelor look super juicy and drama-filled. The pattern through all of them is that this season’s contestants look like they bring it when it comes to winning Colton Underwood‘s heart. Although the official cast list hasn’t been released, we already know a lot about a handful of the frontrunners. One name you may see popping up a lot is Demi Burnett. This blonde beauty is rumored to be this season’s villain. *Cue evil laughter.*

Not much is known about the 23-year-old Texan, yet. Demi is reportedly a model and actress and was a member of Zeta Tau Alpha at the university she attended. She’s obviously stunning and is standing out from the pack (for good and bad reasons).

Demi Burnett Colton Underwood contestants The Bachelor

It’s unclear what drama she’ll exactly stir up, but it looks like she’s already pushing some buttons in the recent trailer that was released. Her face is all over the teaser for the upcoming season, which means she probably will be getting a lot of camera time. From the looks of it on night one, her opening line to Colton is about how she hasn’t dated a virgin “since she was 12.” Oh, hmmm…not sure how he’ll react to that one.

Demi definitely seems like she’s throwing all her cards into the virginity angle. She pops up again in the trailer to say, “Can Colton lose his virginity in Singapore? Maybe.”

This all seems pretty tame, but then Demi is shown in the middle of a squabble with fellow contestant, Courtney. Demi can be seen yelling, “I have no doubt in my mind that you talked mad s—t about me.” Courtney responds, “I mind my own f—ing business.”

Wow, it seems like things are heating up before the season has even started. This should make for a very entertaining season. Colton’s journey to find love kicks off Monday, Jan. 7 on ABC.

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