Say what?! Bachelor contestant Krystal Nielson admitted in a new interview that she called Arie Luyendyk Jr. a “needle d–k” when she thought cameras weren’t rolling. Well, now that footage is set to air during ABC’s upcoming Women Tell All special. Speaking to fellow Bachelor Nation member Ashley Iaconetti for Access Hollywood, Krystal confirmed her negative comments about Arie’s manhood.

“I haven’t seen [the footage], but I have an intuitive feeling about it, you know, where it was going,” the California-based fitness instructor said right after the Women Tell All taping. Despite her shady remarks aimed at Arie’s nether region, Krystal told Ashley I. that she feels good about how she presented herself while filming the reunion special.

According to the blonde beauty — who was painted as this season’s villain — she wanted to show fans that she wasn’t all that bad. “Throughout the whole process, I felt very misunderstood,” Krystal said. “And I felt like being on camera and being in the group date and dating one guy who was dating all my roommates — and I knew that going in — but I couldn’t anticipate how my emotions would take ahold of me. And it was really challenging, 100 percent.”

She added, “So I wanted to come on here tonight and just try to be true to how I felt and just try to show how I really was. Because I felt like that wasn’t represented on the show, like who I am. So I just wanted to get that across.”

During her chat with Access Hollywood, Krystal — who was eliminated from Season 22 of the hit dating reality series in its sixth week — also shared her thoughts about Arie’s “Kissing Bandit” reputation. “Honestly, it was not the most comfortable situation knowing that he was just going girl by girl by girl by girl, kissing them — and not using mouthwash,” she said.

In fact, to combat germs, Krystal urged the other ladies in the Bachelor Mansion to take vitamin C. “I’m going to be straight up,” she continued. “Like, any girl who had sniffles, I’m like, ‘Everybody, Emergen-C in the house! Drink your vitamin C because I’m not getting sick! I’m not getting sick on a TV show, no no no.'”

To see more of Krystal — and her now-infamous “needle d–k” comment — tune in to The Bachelor’s Women Tell All special, airing on ABC Monday, Feb. 25, at 8 p.m. EST.

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