Just a quick reminder that celebs have feelings too, guys. Lately, fans have been ruthlessly grilling iconic former Bachelor contestant Corinne Olympios about her “different” look, and on Jan. 16 she spoke exclusively with Life & Style to set the record straight about plastic surgery rumors.

“I wonder where all this is coming from, because I’ve literally looked the same since I did the show,” the makeup maven insisted. “The only thing I’ve been doing is Botox, I don’t have wrinkles on my forehead anymore.” She also said that she’s been better about caring for her skin, so its appearance may have improved, and her laser therapy treatments have lightened her freckles a bit. “But does that make me look so different, where they feel the need to get this upset about it?” she asked.

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Move bitch, get out the way.

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Apparently, her haters think so. Commenters have been accusing the blonde beauty non-stop of getting plastic surgery. “No lip injections, please. 👎 You looked better without it,” said one on Jan. 15. Another wrote, “For suuuuuure ease up on the lip fillers.” Joke’s on them, because Corn swears she hasn’t had anything done to her pout.

“If I wanted to get lip injections, I’m going to go get lip injections and I’ll let you guys know if I do,” said the reality star, who has always been up-front and honest with fans about pretty much everything from her nanny to her love life. “Thank you for keeping tabs on me, but I’ll let you know. I’m so honest, and it’s just really bothering me.”

Despite all of the hate, Corn feels really good about her appearance. “I think I look the prettiest I’ve ever looked,” she said. “I’ve honestly put on a few pounds, I look good in my butt, I look good in my legs, I feel curvy, I feel good, I’m just trying to keep my stomach flat. I deal with real life issues just like everyone else.”

But the former Bachelor in Paradise star admitted that the mean comments are really starting to get to her, and she’s sick of the constant bullying that goes on on Instagram. “Who decided that social media was a place where you can pick on people? Who would walk up to someone in person and say you’re ugly? I don’t understand how that became a thing. I don’t understand why that’s okay to do. If you were brought up properly, you would never say that to someone.” We couldn’t agree more!

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Ahh last day of recovery 😴 Tomorrow is back to work work work! 💃🏼 I’m already crying! Haha BUT this is my year, I can feel it! 🤞🏼So it’s bitter sweet and I’m so excited for what’s coming! WHOS WITH ME?! 🙌🏼

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Luckily, Corinne still has plenty of support from her devoted fans, who love her silly sense of humor and unwavering realness. Recently, she posted a hilarious skit about how good you feel when you receive a compliment, and fans couldn’t get enough of it. “If Corrine gets her own tv show I can die happily,” said a passionate supporter.

It’s clear that no matter what, Corinne is going to keep being her hysterical self. Recently, she’s started doing Bachelor recaps as her Jack Daniels-chugging, raven-haired alter-ego Mizz O on her Instagram Stories every Tuesday night, and the segments are quickly becoming a fan fave. Check them out, because you won’t be able to stop laughing! Keep doing you, girl, and we’ll all keep watching.