After surviving a big scandal on Bachelor In Paradise in 2017, it was hard for Corinne Olympios to date without everyone knowing her name. Now it looks like the Bachelor alum may get her happy ending after all!

The 27-year-old has been dating her boyfriend, Jon Yunger, for almost a year and it sounds like there could be an engagement in the near future. “We talk about it, so hopefully,” Corinne told Life & Style exclusively at the Cristian Rivera Foundation in New York City.

Corinne “hopes” that she could be engaged in the next year or so. She loves documenting their relationship on Instagram and it seems like the pair are inseparable. She recently posted a picture of her and Jon from her birthday party, where they were both smiling and looking incredibly happy. She captioned the photo, “I’m only 27 and I’m only getting better. Thank you for all the birthday wishes.”

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The Platinum Beauty Shop founder has dated a bunch of guys, including, of course, Bachelor ex Nick Viall, but it sounds like this is the real deal. So, how does she know that this is the right guy for her? “I think just when you know, and it just is a different feeling from anyone that you have dated. I think you’re like ‘damn, like I thought I was supposed to be with my ex,’ like ew,” the reality star admitted.

Corinne couldn’t stop gushing about her man. She said, “Well, I think that he is super supportive and it is just super easy. We really never fight and, honestly, the most important thing for me is he is this supportive of me and what I do and my goals and he is always pushing me, so it’s great.”

Sounds like things couldn’t be going any better for the couple. We’ll be sure to look for our wedding invite in the mail!