It looks like someone’s got a type! Bachelor alum Corinne Olympios has been posting countless pics of her new boyfriend, Jon Yunger, on Instagram, but Bachelor Nation can’t help but notice the striking resemblance he has to her ex-boyfriend Nick Viall. Sure, some fans think Jon looks more like Scott Disick or “old enough to be Corinne’s dad,” but the reality is Jon and Nick have an undeniable similarity in their vibe that just can’t be ignored. “This guy looks a little bit [too] much like Nick Viall,” one commenter wrote, and we couldn’t agree more.

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My new floaty 🐙💦🌊

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So, let’s check out some pics of the two men side-by-side, shall we? Mind you, this is all based off social media impressions, but it’s 2018, so, really, what else is there? Keep scrolling for all the ways Corinne’s ex-boyfriend Nick and Corinne’s new boyfriend Jon are basically the same beared, white dude.

They both love a good ~fancy~ selfie.


As you can see, both Nick and Jon have mastered the casual (yet, not casual at all) art of taking a selfie in formal wear. Plus, how many guys do you actually know who wear bow ties…that aren’t characters on a CW teen drama?

They’re both comfortable around (B-list) celebrities.


Whether it’s the guy who hosts Catfish or The Fat Jewish on Instagram, being comfortable around today’s most influential people is an important skill set.

They both enjoy art and culture.


By “art and culture,” we mean music festivals. We’d like to give Jon extra points here, because even if he’s standing next to someone wearing a bandana as a fashion statement, he himself is not, and that’s a beautiful thing. (You hear that, Nick?)

They both know the importance of having furry friends.


To be fair, lots of guys pose with pups on Instagram to get attention from girls. That said, Jon and Nick pull off the one arm dog hold so effortlessly, that we have to wonder, are they related? Separated at birth, even? It’s too coincidental.

At the end of the day, we’re sure that Corinne didn’t necessarily intend to date her ex-boyfriend’s long lost brother, but alas, that seems to be what happened. We wish her all the happiness in the world!