Don’t come for Corinne Olympios! The former Bachelor star took to Twitter recently to vent about the unwritten rules of airplane etiquette when she got a shady response from the most unlikely source — her BiP co-star Derek Peth.

“You know what really grinds my gears… when you get yelled at for having your seat reclined while taking off… it reclines like less than an inch what difference does it really make,” Corinne wrote, seemingly unaware her experience rubbed Derek the wrong way. “When you’re so full of yourself that you make being discourteous towards the person behind you about yourself…” he responded.

While Corinne didn’t initially notice the shade on the social media platform, she did not hesitate to let Derek, and his fiancée Taylor Nolan (who just happens to be Corinne’s nemesis) know exactly how she felt when she spoke with Life & Style on March 2. Watch the video above to see the tweets and Corinne’s reaction!

“You’re just sour because Taylor was rude to me on my season and I called her out,” she told Life & Style exclusively. “Kudos to you guys. Go get married and leave me the f–k alone.” She went on explain why she sent the tweet in the first place. “Seats recline anyway Derek, so at some point during the flight, the seat is going to f–king recline so how is it discourteous if I do it at that time or five minutes f–king later when we’re in the air?” she asked.

“You’re such a loser that you decide to tweet back to Corinne about something so stupid. I hate them. I hate them. Hashtag ‘ew.’ Hashtag ‘go live in the woods with your wife that loves eating from the earth.'”

corinne derek getty

She continued, “You’re literally a loser. I can’t.” It’s clear Corinne and Taylor’s relationship is non-existent — but we definitely didn’t expect Derek to get in the middle of their beef. And Corinne has a pretty good idea what Taylor is probably thinking about her response. “Right now, I have no emotional intelligence,” she jokingly added. “I’m just so dumb, right?”

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