Major shade alert! Corinne Olympios didn't hold back her true feelings about Nick Viall during a new interview. The former Bachelor starlet dissed her ex while revealing they don't talk anymore, after she competed for his heart on Season 21 of the hit ABC reality series.

"Not really, no," Corinne told The Observer, when asked if she still keeps up with her former flame. "Nick’s just doing Nick. He’s not really friendly to people. I think he’s just really unhappy in his own life. And I wish the best for him. That’s all." Even though he hasn't found true love yet, Corinne admitted that she thinks another round of the dating show wouldn't do the trick for Nick. "I don’t think so," she said. "I would be like, you’re a loser if you do another season." Earlier this year, fans thought the exes became more than friends when Corinne posted a photo of herself hugging Nick, but he cleared the air by telling fans it was a throwback pic.

Corinne has faced no shortage of drama over the years due to her "villain" reputation, especially after her controversial hookup with DeMario Jackson during Bachelor in Paradise. "DeMario and I are friends now," she confessed while addressing their sex scandal, which halted production of Season 4. "Because again, he never said anything about me, I never said anything about him. It was consensual at the time. I’m still friends with the producers, I’m still friends with everybody. No bad blood anywhere."

Corinne also kept it real when discussing her hopes to become the next Bachelorette. "Absolutely. I think if they even had half a brain, I would have been The Bachelorette," she dished. The reality star even spilled the tea on why she thinks producers went a different direction with their casting choice. "I don’t know, maybe I’m a liability," Corinne said. "I don’t f–king know. I mean, it would have been so epic—fun, crazy, wild, truth, you never know what you’re gonna get from me." She's got a point!

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