Finally, a Bachelor contestant comes along that makes Nick Viall look less dumb for keeping Corinne Olympios through hometowns! America was collectively groaning watching Krystal Nielson's tantrum on the Jan. 29 episode of The Bachelor, except for Nick. He was practically giddy that someone has even worse judgment than him!

"Some people weren’t happy I kept Corrine around so long, but she at least made you laugh and didn’t take herself too seriously," he tweeted during the nearly-unbearable episode. "Krystal doesn’t even have a nanny. Like whateves #TheBachelor." One of his fans quickly followed up saying "does Krystal even cheese pasta?"

But, straight up: Nick is right. Corinne may have annoyed the other contestants, and some fans were bothered by her disrespect, but she was funny. She may have been over-sexual and an attention seeker, but she wasn't malicious. She was goofy and didn't take herself too seriously, and when she came out of the show, she left with some friends. That's certainly more than can be said for Krystal, who several fellow contestants have shaded post-filming.

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At this point, even Arie seems annoyed by Krystal. She's demanding, dramatic, rude af, and acts like the whole show revolves around her, meanwhile we're all just waiting for her to get kicked off. It's not even fun to watch anymore, it's just irritating. Only time will tell when she will finally become too much for Arie, but if Nick freakin' Viall is telling you there's a red flag, dude, you should probably listen.

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