We’re shooketh! It’s only week 2 of Hannah Brown‘s journey to find love on The Bachelorette and contestant Luke P. has already dropped the L-bomb. Obviously, this immediately put a target on his back with the other 20 contestants vying for the beauty queen’s heart. Was Luke genuine when he said he was falling in love with Hannah or was it a total “villain” move? We’ll let you decide!

During a group date, a handful of men competed in the “Mr. Right pageant” where they showed off their best talents to the 24-year-old. Miss J Alexander from America’s Next Top Model along with A-list drag queens Alyssa Edwards and Alaska appeared as special celebrity guests during the May 20 episode and taught the guys how to strut their stuff on stage. Needless to say, these guys were in good hands.

Some of the contestants showed off their musical skills while others flaunted their ~assets,~ but Luke decided to do something from the heart. “Hannah, I know that the Mr. Right for you is a man that’s going to love you fiercely. I’ve already given you a piece of my heart but I hope in the future I can give you all of it,” the Georgia native, 24, confessed to Hannah on stage.

Hannah Brown Luke P. the bachelorette first impression rose bachelor
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He continued, “This is pretty crazy because it’s so soon but I can’t hide it. I’m genuinely starting to fall in love with you.” While some people were taken back by his forwardness, Hannah seemed smitten by his bold act. They even shared a kiss after and Luke won the title of “Mr. Right.”

Luke P. Hannah Brown bachelorette mr. right pageant bachelor

However, some of the other contestants were skeptical of the former football player’s surprising revelation. “You’ve had less than two hours with her. It’s blasphemy to me,” Mike admitted about Luke using the four-letter word so casually. During week 1, the blonde stud received the first impression rose and had a steamy makeout session with the Alabama beauty.

There will always be a bit of jealousy surrounding any frontrunner this early in the season but Luke did seem to jump all in very quickly. Time will tell what’s in store for these two. If you just can’t wait any longer: Here are this season’s spoilers!