Did Whitney Thore photoshop her body to look thinner in a new Instagram post? The My Big Fat Fabulous Life star is known for her strong beliefs in self-love and accepting your body as it is, but some of her fans and followers suspect that might be something she’s still working on herself. In a recent photo posted to her social media, Whitney’s arm appears slightly thinner than a video she shared from the same night — and commenters suspect a little digital slimming may be to thank. Watch the video above to see the photo and video for yourself, and don’t forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel.

What do you think — is Facetune to blame for her seemingly changing proportions? The images are from the reality show star’s #NoBodyShameAtSea cruise, where Whitney invites people of all sizes, shapes, genders, orientations, abilities, and ages to join her for a cruise to Haiti, Jamaica, and Mexico free from any kind of judgment about how you look or how your body works. While it may just be the position that made the star’s arm look skinnier, fans in the comments complimented her on her seemingly toned biceps, writing, “Whitney, girl, your arms look good AF in this!! Your hard work is def showing — you should be proud.”

The praise may have been what encouraged the skeptics to take a second look, though others simply proclaimed them haters for pointing out the difference. “Insinuating someone like her faked something like that isn’t an observation, it’s rude,” snapped back another of the TLC star’s followers, calling out one of the people who cried Photoshop. They were quick to defend their position, though, claiming that it wasn’t hate, but a simple observation. “I think she looks great either way, with or without photoshopping her photos,” they responded. And if it is photoshop, well, owning and loving and accepting your body can be a day-by-day process, and we all slip sometimes. Hopefully, Whitney just keeps up with her confidence — and helps everyone else to do the same.