SpoilersRachel Lindsay’s Hometown Dates on ‘The Bachelorette’ Couldn’t Be More Different

WARNING: There are major spoilers in this post!

Now that Rachel Lindsay has narrowed down the field to four on her season of The Bachelorette, fans want to know which of the men’s families come off with flying colors, and which one (there’s always one) will crash and burn.

The 32-year-old beauty has already had her fair share of drama with “guest stars,” most notably, DeMario‘s girlfriend.

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“I can forgive past mistakes and understand how someone could come to this experience having recently ended a relationship, but what I can’t put up with is some idiot trying to play me,” Rachel said about the situation in a blog post for People magazine.

“It took 10 minutes of listening to DeMario talk in contradictions and circles, change his story, mix up his dates, and make every other stupid move players go to when caught, before I stopped letting him dig his grave any deeper and just kicked his ass to the curb. I’m a very chill person … until I’m not,” she added.

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Here’s hoping the attorney’s fiancé treats her with a lot more respect. Scroll through the gallery below to find out more about each of the final four’s hometown dates!