Media reports said a "mystery woman" attended a Craig David concert with Justin Bieber on March 20, but fans quickly solved that mystery. And the lucky lady in question is hardly an unknown, considering her 240,000 Instagram fans. Baskin Champion, age 22, is either the rebound for Justin, the woman with whom he's making sometimes-girlfriend Selena Gomez jealous, or the next love of his life. So who is Baskin Champion anyway? And should SelGo be envious? We've got Baskin Champion pics and details below, so keep reading, Beliebers.

This model-on-the-rise grew up outside Birmingham, AL, as reports. Baskin's father works as a doctor and took her on medical missions to Kenya and Tanzania. (She even scaled Mount Kilimanjaro!) As an Alabama gal, Baskin says she loves hunting and hopes to hang with the Duck Dynasty crew one day.

Baskin won Miss Alabama Teen USA in 2014 and then enrolled as a fashion design student at Auburn University before signing a modeling contract with Wilhelmina. Her sister Abby is also a model, and Abby is dating Justin's friend Patrick Schwarzenegger, who might have introduced Justin and Baskin to one another, as W Magazine notes.

According to an Entertainment Tonight source, however, Justin is only flirting with Baskin and just toying with Selena. "[Justin] knows everything he's doing is going to get out," this insider claims. "[Selena is] off having fun with her friends and so he’s showing that he can still go out and have fun too. And to be honest, I’m sure there’s a part of him that wants to make Selena a bit jealous! This seems like right out of the old Justin’s textbook! He was very manipulative with her emotions the last time and did stuff like this a lot."

So are Justin and Baskin really just flirting — or are they something more? After they attended that concert at the Roxy in LA on March 20, the duo apparently got some alone time at the Biebs' house. "Justin had friends with him but they all left and Justin and Baskin were alone together for the night," an E! News source says. (Selena, just look away!)