Who runs the world? Beyoncé. And the rest of the Knowles family, including her sister, Solange. But the sisters’ father, Mathew Knowles, has another child that we totally forgot about… until now. The manager cheated on his then wife Tina, and brought a lot of chaos to the family. Things only got worse when one of his mistresses, TaQoya Branscomb, became pregnant in 2010.


Her daughter Koi is now seven years old, and recently started her first day of second grade. In a photo posted to her Instagram page — yes she has her own Instagram page — the little girl’s back-to-school wardrobe consisted of a blue bow with a matching shirt, which appears to be part of a uniform.

Even though Mathew has never publicly spoken about Koi, TaQoya took the 65-year-old to court over the paternity of their child and to claim child support. A court-ordered DNA test come back with a 99.998% chance that the Alabama native is Koi’s biological father, according to Bravo.

However, Koi isn’t Mathew’s only love child. In 2010 — the same year she was born — it was revealed that he also fathered a son with actress Alexsandra Wright named Nixon. Following his infidelity, Tina divorced him after 31 years of marriage.

Since welcoming two illegitimate children, Mathew’s relationship with his two older daughters has been tense. Beyoncé and Solange did not attend their father’s wedding when he got married in 2013 to former model Gena Charmaine Avery in Houston, TX. However, they did attend Tina’s wedding to Richard Lawson in 2015. The businessman also announced the birth of Bey’s twins before she did in June, and her fans were NOT happy about it. So basically, Mathew has burned a whole lot of bridges!

Watch the video below to see Beyoncé’s fashion evolution: