She barely reached the microphone at the Critics’ Choice Awards on Jan. 11, but Brooklynn Prince still managed to charm the audience as she won the trophy for Best Young Actor/Actress. (“All the nominees, you know, are great,” she said in her acceptance speech. “You guys are awesome. We should go and get ice cream after this.”) Fans were hoping to see The Florida Project star, 7, secure an Oscar nomination — which would have made her the youngest nominee in Academy Awards history — but sadly, it wasn't meant to be. Still, the elementary schooler has a long career ahead of her.

In her breakout role, Brooklynn plays Moonee, an adventurous latchkey kid who lives in a motel with her mom on the outskirts of Disney World. Director Sean Baker said the opportunity to work with a group of young actors made the production more enjoyable.

“They are all little extroverts, so they never got embarrassed,” Sean told Observer. “I never had to pull anything from them. It was wonderful to see Brooklynn… every day, you would have to wrap early after like six hours for children. And she would be upset going home every day because she wanted to be there, she wanted to work, and it made my job easy.”

It’s no wonder Brooklynn had such a good time… she got to learn a few profanities! “I had just turned six,” she told W Magazine. “I’ve heard the s-word and the b-word. I just knew those words. I didn’t know about the rest. Then, when I read the script, my mom and dad were like, ‘Oh my god. If you say these words at home you’re going to get in big, big trouble.’ And I’m like, ‘What?’”

Sean commented on the profanity to W as well: “I said to the parents, ‘I love your kids. I would be honored to cast them in this film. I hope you’ll agree to it. But you have to understand one thing, there is profanity that they will be hearing and sometimes uttering. We have to be on the same page that this is okay, but we’re going to work with the kids and make sure that these are only words that are said between me saying "action" and "cut," not to be used in real life and not to be used off the set.’ I think we were all in agreement."

In real life, the adorable brunette isn't nearly as foul-mouthed or naughty as her character, though. “But sometimes… sometimes… I’ll get into some little, tiny mischief,” she told The Guardian. “When I heard I was gonna say those bad words [in the movie], I was like, ‘Yeee-haw!’” We can't wait to see what Brooklynn does next!