The undisputed star of President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris‘ inauguration celebration was indie designer Ella Emhoff, second gentleman Doug Emhoff‘s daughter. The 21-year-old turned heads when she sported a chic bedazzled Miu Miu coat and a long burgundy prairie dress by Batsheva while celebrating Biden and her stepmother at the Capitol building on January 20.

It’s no surprise that the second daughter took hold of the spotlight during the ceremony. In fact, Ella is an accomplished fashion designer herself. Naturally, she had an idea in mind for her ensemble in the weeks leading up to the event.

“My mood board was very ‘little girl,’ in a sense, a lot of scalloped collars and big silhouette shoulders and small buttons,” she told Vogue after the inauguration. “I was going for something girlier, to embrace my feminine side — especially after that suit that I felt so great in — because, like, how many times do you prepare yourself to attend an inauguration? This momentous of an event deserves a momentous outfit.”

Here’s everything we know about the new It girl of politics.

Ella Is From the West Coast

The fashion darling is originally from California, where she was a high school athlete. She was on Wildwood High School’s swim team and also played basketball.

Ella Is a Fashion School Student

The California native is currently a New York City resident who attends Parsons School of Design.

Kent Nishimura/Los Angeles Times/Shutterstock

Ella Has Her Own Line of Knitted Goods

The Parsons student is all about knitting and crocheting clothes and accessories. She sells custom pieces on her website and showcases her many pieces on her social media. She has shared photos of handbags, hats, dresses, vests, bikini tops and bunny hats.

Ella Is Also an Artist

The designer is also a painter who shares her canvases on Instagram. She has posted photos of self-portraits, work about food and babies.

Ella Has a Social Media Following

The painter has upwards of a whopping 269,000 followers on Instagram. At the moment, she does not have a Twitter or TikTok account — but who knows what her newfound celebrity may bring in the near future. After all, she’s in the White House for four years.

Ella Has Tattoos

The Instagram influencer has several small tattoos on her arms and torso, including a cow, a birthday cake, a vase with flowers inside and a plate of eggs and bacon in the shape of a smiley face.