Wife, mom, Twitter ambassador?! Kim Kardashian is fresh off her meeting with President Donald Trump — and she's hoping to continue to use her platform for the greater good. Twitter's CEO, Jack Dorsey, was a guest at Kanye West's birthday party over the weekend, and she tweeted on Tuesday that they had a conversation about "the edit button."

"I had a very good convo with @jack this weekend at Kanye's bday, and I think he really heard me out on the edit button," she tweeted. Almost immediately, Jack commented back, "Now I see why I was invited!" to which Kim said, "Hahaha never! Kanye loves you! But I had to bring it up."

Kanye has been using the social media platform quite often these days. On April 15, a year after the 41-year-old deleted his account, he returned with a vengeance. Over the next few weeks, he posted things like, "The psychological zombie effect," and, "I'm super chaaaaaarged. Bout to take this whole thing to Mars."

Not to mention, about an hour after he professed his love for Trump online on April 25, Ye admitted in another tweet that "my wife just called me" and told him to clarify that he doesn't agree with everything Trump does. Well, no wonder she wants an edit button — and the public is thrilled.

"Holy crap, ok. You're making moves. Can you go talk to Instagram and get them to go back to chronological feed? Please and thanks for your service," one person wrote. Another added, "I appreciate you for this."

Recently, the mother-of-three helped pardon Alice Marie Johnson, a 62-year-old great-grandmother who was serving a life sentence for a first-time nonviolent drug offense. "So grateful to @realDonaldTrump, Jared Kushner, and to everyone who has showed compassion and contributed countless hours to this important moment for Ms. Alice Marie Johnson," Kim wrote on Twitter on June 6. "Her commutation is inspirational and gives hope to so many others who are also deserving of a second chance." She added, "I hope to continue this important work by working together with organizations who have been fighting this fight for much longer than I have and deserve the recognition." Keep fighting that fight, girl. You rock.