Fans of HGTV’s Fixer Upper know Clint Harp is Chip and Joanna Gaines‘ go-to guy when it comes to all things wood. Well, when it comes to custom-made metalwork, the couple look no further than Jimmy Don Holmes.

If you’re still wondering, who Jimmy Don is, you’ll probably recognize him from an episode of the renovation series, where he appeared alongside his son Jake. Chip and Joanna completely modernized Jake’s 750-square-foot cabin in Crawford, TX — complete with shiplap (duh), a floating staircase, and, of course, custom metalwork by his dad.

“I think right when you walk in, there are just so many really cool features — from the little fireplace to the accent wall, but also just the metal cabinets, the stairwell, that huge window on the side,” Joanna said of the design. “We packed a lot of good stuff in a small space.”

Jimmy Don, who owns JDH Iron Designs based in the Lone Star state, also makes regular appearances on the series, and it’s easier than you think to order your own custom piece. Jimmy Don has also worked with some big names, including former President George W. Bush and Hank Williams Jr. “Meeting new people every day is my favorite thing. It will choke out regional boundaries and stereotypes,” he wrote on his website. “I feel that there are way more good folks in the world than there are bad, and I’m a better person for getting to meet some of them.”

However, it’s pretty obvious Joanna is still his biggest fan. “The first time I went into his metal shop, I loved the way it felt like a small town family business. Jimmy Don is so personable, and within five minutes of meeting him, he felt like someone I’d known for years,” she wrote on her Magnolia Market blog. “Back then the shop was a little smaller — with only one metal cutter — but I love that no matter how much his shop has grown, his family is still most important to him.” HGTV needs to give Jimmy Don a spin-off ASAP!