Meet Sage Steele! The 2018 Miss America host might not be competing for the crown, but she sure is capturing America's attention. The television anchor is the lead host of SportsCenter On The Road and is hosting the pageant alongside Chris Harrison for the second year in a row.

But, who is Sage really? Keep scrolling to learn more about the beautiful host!

She's friends with Chris Harrison.

We guess that's one of the perks of co-hosting with the Bachelor star. Let's just hope there are no roses involved!

She's a mom.

Sage married former personal trainer, Jonathan Bailey, and they share three children together. Her daughter, Quinn (pictured above), clearly got her mom's beautiful genes. And just look at her killer bod — something followers have definitely noticed. One commented, "Ummm when did you have kids with that flat stomach?"

She hangs out with professional athletes.

Call it a perk of the job? Now, we're sure she isn't as starstruck around Steph Curry as we would be… but, it's still pretty cool either way.

She takes fitness seriously.

Now we know where those abs come from. And we bet it doesn't hurt to be married to a former personal trainer. Talk about body goals.

She met her husband in college.

Not only do the two of them look adorable together (and make cute kids), they've been together for decades. Sage recently posted a cute shot of them to Instagram in honor of her hubby's birthday. "1993. Bloomington, Indiana. I went to great lengths to be part of his 22nd birthday celebration…including an attempt to enter Kilroy's Sports Bar with a fake ID. My attempt failed that night but fortunately, WE didn't," she wrote. How sweet!