As interesting as the practice of energy healing is, the real draw of The Healer is the man himself. Charlie Goldsmith is potentially more fascinating than his unusual abilities — and not just because he’s easy on the eyes.

The 37-year-old uses each episode of the new TLC reality show to validate healing, something he’s been doing for nearly two decades. He not only lets viewers watch as he takes on the pains and ailments of his patients, but he also turns to science to backup his results.

But there’s much more to Charlie than his captivating line of work — in fact, he has a lot going on outside of being a healer. Read on for more about the Aussie’s background.

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Where is Charlie Goldsmith from?

Charlie grew up as one of nine kids in Melbourne, Australia. His parents — a housewife and a nightclub impresario — split when he was a toddler, and he split his time between both homes. It was from his father that he developed an interest in entrepreneurship.

How long has Charlie Goldsmith been a healer?

At age 18, Charlie discovered his ability to heal while attending Camp Eden — a health-focused excursion that was part summer camp, part wellness retreat. He’s been practicing ever since, and has participated in two scientific studies.

How does Charlie Goldsmith do his healing?

Unlike other types of healing, such as Reiki or Therapeutic Touch, Charlie’s work doesn’t take 20 minutes to an hour as he “combs” energy through a patient’s body. Instead, he only needs about 30 seconds to close his eyes, focus his energy on the ailment, and relieve it. Only occasionally does he need a second or third try.

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Who has Charlie Goldsmith dated?

Rumors spread that he was dating supermodel Miranda Kerr in 2014, when the two were photographed looking cozy on a yacht in Sydney. Charlie’s since clarified that they’ve been friends since 2009, and are completely platonic. In fact, they met when he treated both her and her young son!

Is Charlie Goldsmith married?

Charlie is not married. However, he is still very close with his ex-girlfriend Amber, whom he dated from the age of 18 to 23. On the premiere episode of The Healer, the handsome reality star said that the split occurred because he finally realized that he and Amber “weren’t meant to be dating.” However, they’ve remained remained tight “like family” ever since.

Is healing Charlie Goldsmith’s only job?

Charlie sees his ability as a “gift” for others, meaning he doesn’t actually charge for his services. Instead, he makes a living through a variety of business ventures, including his role as Managing Director of Cassette, a marketing company he founded in Australia that now boasts top clients like Nike and Topshop. He also created the food company Celebrate Health, and helped launch chocolate company Pumpy Jackson in 2015.

What is Charlie Goldsmith’s net worth?

Charlie’s net worth isn’t listed anywhere online, though he did recently reveal that Celebrate Health generates about $6 million in sales annually. That said, he sold the company in 2014, but you have to imagine that he’s made a healthy living off of that sale and his other ventures.