File this under: trouble in paradise! Bachelor in Paradise, star Matt Munson — who appeared to be going strong with Jasmine Goode until Christen Whitney came along — left the ABC reality series before the second rose ceremony. This has every Bachelor Nation fan asking one question, why did Matt leave Bachelor in Paradise?

“I’m glad I came here and I’m glad I gave it a shot. I just think that I’m ready to go home,” Matt explained. As we saw on last night’s episode, Christen, the virgin from Nick Viall’s season of The Bachelor, came in and pretty much destroyed this relationship by giving the Sales Account Manager her date card. While he did the nice thing and informed Jasmine he’d be going, and she said she wouldn’t be mad — well, homegirl got mad. Matt and Christen enjoyed a nice little makeout sesh in the ocean, which she couldn’t wait to brag about to the rest of the cast, and Jasmine ultimately decided this was a “sneaky and slimy” thing to do.

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“If we weren’t on tape right now, I probably would have just pushed her, punched her in the face a little bit,” Jasmine said. Even Dean Unglert chimed in on the fiasco, stating in a confessional, “Christen, you messed with the wrong b–ch.” Sounds about right. Anyway, the episode ended with both Jasmine and Christen in tears over Matt’s departure, because now they have to figure out how TF they’re going to get roses on tonight’s episode. Time will tell!

Jasmine previously opened up about her relationship with Matt during an interview with Us Weekly. She quipped at the time, “Me and Matt just hit it off. It was so easy and that’s what I wanted, something that was comfortable where I didn’t feel pressure. And so I was going towards Matt the whole time. When we came back from break he was getting a little distant I could tell. But I never was told anything directly about how he was really feeling, so I just took it as him being uncomfortable with the whole situation that had happened with DeMario and him being upset about other things. But never once did I question our relationship.”

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