Fans of Trisha Paytas got to see the painful effects of fat-shaming first hand on June 21, and it's completely devastating. The blonde bombshell YouTuber revealed that she and her boyfriend of almost a year Jason Nash broke up, and the reason why is just crushing. Trisha shared a video to her channel called "we broke up because I'm too fat," and it's hard to watch her tearful breakdown.

"This isn't on him it really is on me because it's something I can't get past," she began, tears welling in her eyes. "He made a remark, he said it was a joke, but he said 'yeah me and Trisha are both fat.' I know that doesn't seem like a big deal, this is something I really can't let go. I get a lot of fat comments, and it sucks and everyone knows my insecurity especially Jason. I'm so sensitive about my weight, everyone knows this. I've never ever had anyone say it to my face. I've never had someone refer to me as fat to my face and then tell me I'm heavy."

While what Jason said was cruel, her response was even more heartbreaking. "He's right, I am fat, you can take one look at me and I am. I know I've gained a lot of weight. I'm disgusted by myself and I'm so humiliated that he would just say it, it was on the tip of his tongue." She went on to vow that she wouldn't return to the platform until she lost 50 lbs. "I'm going to be taking a really long break from YouTube. The pain I feel in my heart is like the greatest pain I've ever felt. I'm disgusted with myself for how I look and how I feel and letting everyone down."

Jason quickly issued a response trying to defend himself, but he ended up blaming her for "twisting it" and listing things she eats, plus he said that she was lying about him using the word "fat," and fans weren't happy. "She made a video heartbroken. All you could see from her is her insecurity coming out. If you ever loved her you wouldn't make a response like this. Your fans are now attacking her while she's at her weakest. I'm a fan of yours but I'm also a fan of Trish. Just leave it alone."

After seeing his response, Trisha took to Instagram Stories to respond, saying that she "knows for a fact" that he said fat, and she would never lie about that. "He had zero remorse, he told me I talk s–t about people and that I need to get over it and that's why he needed to break up with me, because I don't get over things." She said that she's too devastated to function, while he's "just out living his life."

Trisha's bestie Shane Dawson felt the need to defend her, writing on Instagram, "Back in 2014 I broke my ankle and was stuck on the couch for weeks. I was at the peak of my depression and was still struggling with my sexuality. Every single day Trisha came to my tiny apartment and took care of me and made me feel less alone. She listened to me, cried with me, and let me know that no matter what she would have my back till the day we died. Trisha Paytas is a beautiful person inside and out and I am so grateful that she exists. :,) ❤️" We're so glad she has an amazing support system.