It's finally here! Cody Johns just dropped the music video for his new song "Jackpot," which features him and his wife Alexys Gabrielle in an edgy Bonnie and Clyde story with a twist. Watch the exclusive premiere from Life & Style above!

If the vibe of the new music video feels familiar, it's not an accident. "My first video 'There You Are' kind of set the tone for the style and the imagery I wanted in my videos," he told Life & Style exclusively. "My wife is the female character in these videos. She’s in all of my videos and basically we’re all characters in this story that no one knows the answers to yet." Despite the fact that Alexys and Cody spend so much time together, he said he never gets sick of her. "We work really well together," he said.

Cody explained that he "loves the Bonnie and Clyde dynamic," and wanted to channel that in a new way for the video. "It was fun to conceptualize this chase scene that was a little mysterious. I didn’t want to give it a traditional ending where it all works out and we fall in love and ride off into the sunset. I like to leave these stories open ended so I can pick up anywhere I want," he explained. "Every new song I create, it inspires a new story that unfolds in my mind." For this story, he wanted to avoid something cliche and obvious, like to do a video in Vegas at a Blackjack table just because hed drew from gambling imagery for the lyrics. "It would have just been too predictable," he said.

While working with Alexys was lovely as always, the experience of filming the video had a few bumps in the road. Cody revealed that what was supposed to take one day filming in the desert one hour outside of Los Angeles, ended up taking three! "The reason we got cut short on the first day was because we took my sports car that you see in the video, we took it into the sand and it got stuck at about 4 pm. I had to call a tow truck for the middle of nowhere to come and get me," he said. "Then the second day, we were dealing with bad overcast weather. It was very frustrating, it was an hour away to drive and I had to wear the same clothes multiple days." Luckily, Cody knew it was all worth it when he saw the final product. "When I saw it come together I thought wow, this is the best video I’ve done." We can't help but agree!

On top of being a recording artist, Cody is also an actor, director, and digital content creator. He told us it was his dream to "have a career where I was known as someone who could do it all," taking inspiration from triple threats like Nick Jonas, Dick Van Dyke, Justin Timberlake, and Donald Glover. While he started as an actor, he says his fans have been super supportive of his musical ambitions. "I have a great deal of fans that are very passionate about it," he said. They are very much excited and very supportive and they play my songs on repeat and watch my videos 1000 times." We know we'll have "Jackpot" on repeat for days!