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Heartthrob Cody Johns is making a seamless transition from web star to musician, and he proved it with his amazing first live performance on Tuesday, Dec. 12 at The Mint in Los Angeles!

The handsome crooner looked like an old pro on the stage as a packed house of adoring fans screamed their support. They couldn't get enough as he sang his hits “There You Are” and "Tropical Romance," and when they begged for more, he actually performed "On My Way" twice!

cody johns
Nick Brazinsky

Cody joined on stage by Marcus Johns and Gabriel Conte

Of course, over-achiever Cody (who is also an actor and digital content creator) couldn't just have a regular old performance as his first! To make it extra special, his brother Marcus Johns and buddy Gabriel Conte joined him on stage, dancing around while he sang his heart out. All three of the guys seemed to be having the time of their lives! Cody's beautiful wife Alexys Gabrielle was also on hand to lend her support and encourage Cody through his nerve-wracking first show. How freakin' cute is that?!

Cody seemed nervous before the show, tweeting "My first headline show of all time is tonight in LA and there are actually people coming… why did this just dawn on me right now? I hope I remember the words to my songs!!" Good thing it went off without a hitch!

cody johns, alexys johns
Nick Brazinsky

Cody celebrating at The Mint with wife Alexys Gabrielle

Cody has been exploding on the music scene after releasing his first singles (and killer msuic videos) ever just a few months ago. His Spotify is already blowing up with over 400k streams. Don't sleep on him!

It's a wonder that Cody finds the time to make such amazing music while he's also creating digital content and flexing his acting chops. Recently, Cody has appeared in Hulu’s original Dimension 404, Hey USA X, an "adrenaline-fueled spin-off" of Hey USA, YouTube Red Original Alexander IRL, Maker Studios Summer Forever, and independent feature FML. He also hosted the hilarious Fox Digital original series Laughs. We can't wait to see even more from the talented young Hollywood hunk!