There’s no way you haven’t heard of Jenna Marbles. The comedian started as a viral star, gaining younger fans through her posts on social media. But that was before she went mainstream in 2010, when national media outlets started paying attention to her YouTube videos.

Though the 31-year-old has been around for over seven years, there is still so much about her that we don’t know. After all, it’s hard to separate the Internet personality from the woman herself. So who is Jenna really?

Since she’s clearly not going anywhere, we all could use a refresher on the bubbly blonde. Here’s everything you need to know about her in 2017.

What’s Jenna Marbles' real name?

The girl you know as “Jenna Marbles” is actually Jenna Nicole Mourey. The pseudonym started when Jenna’s mom asked her to remove their last name from her videos. When her first clip went viral, the elder Mourey was searching for a job and worried the search results would put off potential employers. She decided to adopt the name "Marbles” as a tribute to her dog, Mr. Marbles.

Where is she from?

Jenna’s originally from Rochester, New York, though she moved to Boston in 2004 to attend
Suffolk University. She later graduated with a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Psychology, following that up with a Master’s in Sport Psychology in Counseling at Boston University.

How did she get her start?

Her career kicked off with a gig right out of college at Barstool Sports, as the female blogger for their site, StoolLaLa. To make ends meet at the time, she was also juggling gigs as a bartender, tanning salon clerk, and go-go dancer.

What was her big break?

The moment Jenna went mainstream was with her 2010 YouTube video "How To Trick People Into Thinking You're Good Looking,” a satiric take on the transformative effects of makeup. The clip was viewed over 5.3 million times in its first week. Her 2011 follow-up "How To Avoid Talking To People You Don't Want To Talk To” was featured in The New York Times, on ABC News, and more.

Is Jenna married?

When she first became famous, Jenna was dating ex-boyfriend Max Weisz. The two moved to Santa Monica together in 2011, but broke up in late 2012. Six months later, she started dating vlogger Julien Solomita, and the two have been together ever since.

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Has she won any awards?

Jenna snagged the Young Hollywood Award for Viral Superstar in 2014. She was also nominated for one Streamy Award for Best Comedy Series in 2015, as well as two in 2017 — for Audience Choice Creator of the Year and Best First-Person Series.

What is Jenna Marbles' net worth?

Internet fame pays off! As of 2017, Jenna’s net worth is listed at an estimated $2.5 million. In reality, however, it’s speculated she pulls in nearly $4 million each year.

What are Jenna Marbles' dogs names?

Jenna’s two puppies, chihuahua Mr. Marbles and Italian greyhound Kermit, have nearly as many fans as she does! She even released a brand of dog toys in their honor named Kermie Worm & Mr. Marbles.

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What is Jenna Marbles' life like in 2017?

She’s transitioned her big personality from the Internet to Internet radio with a weekly pop countdown on SiriusXM Hits 1 called “YouTube 15.” Jenna and boyfriend Julien also co-host the weekly podcast, The Jenna and Julien Podcast, which often features other YouTubers as guests. In 2016, she also dipped her toe into the movie business by executive producing the film Maximum Ride, based on the James Patterson book series.

How can I follow her on social media?

Check her out on Instagram (4.6 million followers), Twitter (4.7 million followers), and Facebook (2.1 million followers).