It's a love story for the ages: two web stars meet, and in one whirlwind year they fall in love, get engaged, and get married! That's exactly what happened to YouTubers Jess Conte, 21, and Gabriel Conte, 22, and ever since they got together, their love — and fan bases — has continued to grow! The gorgeous and talented duo chatted exclusively with Life & Style about their tour, upcoming projects, and how they keep their marriage strong!

"For the most part we are very excited to be traveling the country together," the pair said of their current tour. The stars have been super busy visiting cities all over America to perform live versions of songs from their new EP, Under the Covers: Vol. 2, and tell stories that fans haven't heard on their shared YouTube channel. So far, eight stops are sold out! "We tried to plan the tour so we could have some free time in each city to get in as much exploring as possible. It was really hard to pack for the trip just because we're going through so many different cities!" But there's one thing the adorable Aussie is looking forward to most. "Jess is very excited to potentially see snow in some the cities," explained Gabriel.

Recently, Jess and Gabriel have started exercising together in their free time (with Blake Elarbee from The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise — he calls them "swolemates"!) "Working out together is just another way for us to bond as a couple," they explained. "We just like being able to find special and different ways to bond and continue to grow our relationship. That is crucial to maintaining a healthy relationship."

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Check out my little Swolemates @jessconte & @gabrielconte! Here, the goal is to do as many squats possible in 2 minutes. We began the workout today with multiple sets of squats, then I threw them a curve ball and decided we should do MORE squats as our finisher for the day. Are you plateauing or getting unmotivated with your workouts? Switch things up by doing timed sets. 60seconds and 120seconds can rock your world if you do it right. Try seeing how many push-ups you can do in a minute, or how many squats you can do in two minutes. Now your motivation is simple, just try and beat that number next workout. Even if it's only by one rep, that's progress! If you're fit enough that you can do bodyweight exercises for 60 or 120seconds easily without slowing down, make it more difficult by adding weight. And don't worry ladies, you won't get "bulky." Increasing resistance over time is crucial to getting "tone." Get creative, how many different exercise combinations can you think of doing for time? Lunges, sit-ups, squats, push-ups, step ups, burpies(yuck), air-squats, dips, pull-ups, mt.climbers, jumping jacks, box jumps, kettlebell swings, lateral raises, bicep curls, there's no shortage of things you can do for time to keep you motivated by giving you a goal to break. #squats

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YouTube's royal couple is quickly approaching their one-year anniversary, and they couldn't be happier — or busier! "We have such a busy schedule right now with touring and some other work projects right when we get off tour," they explained. "We think it will just be very special for us to take a day off and just really focus on being present for each other and relaxing and celebrating the amazing year we’ve had. We’re very excited!" They've kept the spark alive by "not putting so much pressure on being newlyweds. [Marriage] is a big step but at the end of the day we love each other the same as we did prior to getting married. If you marry the right person nothing changes from the day you fell in love!"

Perhaps Jess and Gabriel are so successful because they have so much support for one another. Gabriel is "so stoked for the second season of [his show] Mr. Student Body President! It truly is such a dope show. I can’t say too much about the new season, but what I can tell you is if you thought Season 1 was good, just wait because the new season is so good!" Meanwhile, Jess is "focusing on their music," but watching her hubby has her inspired and open to acting projects too. The most surprising thing we may see from the pair? "Original music or Christmas music! Christmas music is a big deal in the Conte household," they giggled.

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my feed is a @jessconte fan page basically 🤷🏻‍♂️

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Gabriel and Jess are more than just a married couple; they're best friends, creative collaborators, and business partners, and wouldn't have it any other way. "We got married at a very young age and for us this was the right choice, but every individual has their own timeline," they explained. "It is important that you spend time learning yourself and then when you find the perfect partner you will know the right time."