There’s no denying that Kim Kardashian’s world-famous booty has been looking smaller these days. Question is, is it the result of the 38-year-old’s recent weight loss or plastic surgery? Life & Style reached out to a board-certified plastic surgeon for their professional opinion the A-lister’s backside.

Dr. Norman Rowe, who has never treated Kim, said: “Her buttock definitely looks smaller than it used to. So, either she had padded underwear on for most of 2017, or she had a buttock augmentation that has diminished.” Please let’s all take a moment to picture Kim Kardashian in padded underwear. OK, moving on. 

“In my opinion, I believe that she had a filler-based buttock augmentation that now has begun to absorb and diminish, resulting in her newly trim figure,” he continued. In contrast to that, Kim has lost quite a bit of weight recently. In fact, it wasn’t too long ago that the KUWTK star disclosed she was down to 119 pounds.

Kim Kardashian, Gold Dress, Kim Kardashian, White Dress, Split
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On the left: Kim in 2017. On the right: Kim in 2018. ‘Life & Style’ asked Dr. Rowe to examine both images.

When asked if it was possible that the mother-of-three lost weight in her butt naturally, Dr. Rowe explained: “A decrease in the size of buttock with weight loss would depend on the type of material that was used for her augmentation in the first place (either her own fat or a filler of some sort). If she has a fat transfer, then weight loss can diminish her buttock size.”

Lastly, Dr. Rowe addressed whether Kim would have had to go under the knife in order to shrink her behind. “All filler-based augmentations, including fat transfers, last about two years, then they naturally get absorbed by the body. If she wanted to remove the fat transfer before it had dissolved completely, it would require some liposuction,” he said.

Well, y’all, there you have it. At the end of the day, whether it’s padded underwear, fat transfers, filler-based augmentations, or au naturel, Kim’s derrière looks stunning. Keep doing your thing, girl.

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