It’s WinIt Wednesday! The best day of the week when we highlight our hottest giveaway of the moment and tell you all about our popular giveaway categories and cash sweepstakes you can enter for a chance to win every day.

Summer bod expectations will be here faster than Taylor Swift’s next feud! And we know better than to let our guard down and be left with a pair of untoned arms and poochy bellies. So that’s why we’re giving two winners the chance to score a free SoulCycle indoor spin class at a studio closest to them!

Enter HERE for a chance to take a free SoulCycle Indoor Spin Class near you + receive a three-month supply of FIJI Water!

Before you’re struggling to fit into your favorite pair of shredded booty shorts, take this WinIt Wednesday as an opportunity to jumpstart your summer workout plan — for free! If you haven’t heard of SoulCycle before, you might want to move because you’re living under a rock. But, for those who are more Crossfit-inclined or queens of the sofa, SoulCycle is the community-driven indoor cycling class run by world-class instructors who create an out-of-body experience set to an atmosphere of dark candlelit spaces. The full-body cardio workout and high-energy music will most definitely get your heart pumping, so calories will be burned. And with more than 85 studios across North America, SoulCycle has become a one-of-a-kind fitness destination where celebrities and fitness bloggers alike just can’t seem to peel themselves off of the stationary bikes!

So along with trying out this trendy indoor spin class for free, two winners will also receive four cases (that’s 48 bottles!) of FIJI Water’s new flip-top Sports Cap design (with more naturally occurring electrolytes than any other brand) sent straight to their door. There’s literally nothing to lose if you enter now and every day until June 13 except for a few pounds, FML-related stress, and any electrolytes you do lose whiling pedaling will be replenished with the water we’re giving you. “We got you” hasn’t meant anything until now. Enter here and feel the burn, babes!