Millions of people obsess over the latest red carpet looks. But not many of us would have the guts to try and pull off some of the more risque choices — even if they looked stunning on the actress who wore it!

Well, one woman decided to give it a try. She ordered a sheer cut-out gown from Chinese online retailer Taobao that modeled a dress worn by actress Jaimie Alexander to the 2013 premiere of ‘Thor.’

jaimie alexander dress

The expectation: Jaimie Alexander looked stunning in the original. (Photo Credit: Getty)

Unfortunately, the reality was not quite up to par when it came to the glamour factor!

dress-split 1

(Photo Credit: Taobao)

Rather than the sleek and smooth design seen in the pictures, the dress turned out to be ill-fitting and unflattering in almost every way! Nonetheless, the customer threw on the frock and snapped a few pictures to post to the site.

dress-split 2

(Photo Credit: Taobao)

Online shopping can be an unruly mistress — we feel you, honey!