If you haven’t finished season 2 of Netflix’s hit series You, run, don’t walk. After Joe Goldberg (Gossip Girl star Penn Badgley) killed many people including his ex-girlfriend Beck (Elizabeth Lail) at the end of season 1, he decided to move to Los Angeles to start over. This time, Joe goes by the name Will Bettelheim and moves into an apartment complex, befriends his neighbors and starts a new job at a trendy store called Anavrin. Of course, things don’t go as planned since he accidentally falls in love again — this time with Love Quinn (Victoria Pedretti) — and gets involved in some serious messy situations. While season 3 is not confirmed just yet (we are crossing our fingers!) fans have some pretty crazy theories as to what we can expect if the show is renewed. Spoiler alert: Don’t keep reading if you aren’t caught up!

Love Actually Killed Her Husband

Throughout the season, viewers learned that Love’s late husband, James, died within a couple of months after he was diagnosed with a mystery illness. However, some people think that Love was actually responsible for his death. After all, she did kill her brother Forty’s au pair in cold blood in addition to Joe’s landlord, Delilah Alves (Carmela Zumbado), and Joe’s ex Candace Stone (Ambyr Childers), so she’s clearly capable of the brutal act. “I knew [Love] was crazy since the first time I saw her. She killed her husband, he didn’t get sick, she was poisoning him with her food because he didn’t want a kid. That’s why the doctors didn’t know what it was,” one person reasoned on Twitter.

Penn Badgley in You Season 2
Courtesy of Netflix

The Woman at the End of the Finale Is Joe’s Mom

Viewers got some glimpses into Joe’s past ­— we learned that after he shot his mom’s abuser, who could potentially be his father, she put him in a home for boys — but we don’t know if his mama is still alive today. Love did try to ask him whether she was around, but Joe never answered the question. During the last episode, Joe gazed into his neighbor’s yard where we saw a woman reading some books — Brave New World, a guide to Jane Austen and the stories of Kafka — by the pool. “I will figure out a way to get to you. See you soon … neighbor,” Joe creepily said.

Fans think that the lady in the yellow dress lounging in her backyard is actually Joe’s mom. “His mom, dude. Whole season revolves around her,” one person wrote, while another echoed, “OK, so ya know how in the last scene Joe is spying on a neighbor reading a book? It would be ridiculous that he’d be looking for his next love/victim because he finally met his soulmate and is having a daughter. MY THEORY IS THAT THE LADY IS HIS MOTHER.”

But some people aren’t buying it. “I don’t believe the mother theory at all. It just doesn’t sound plausible. That being said, I don’t see him cheating on Love. Either way, she’s probably going to kill the poor girl next season. #YouNetflix,” one fan wrote.

Will Ellie and Paco Return?

Some people believe Ellie Alves (Jenna Ortega) — Delilah’s little sister — will be back. Well, it wouldn’t be out of the realm of possibility since Will was the one to tell her to leave town and is now sending her money following the death of her sister. “Ellie WILL be back to wreck s—t. Know that. #YouNetflix,” one person theorized. A second person chimed in, writing, “I hope season 3 is about real Will Bettleheim, his Manila wife and Ellie joining forces to take Joe down. #YouNetflix.” Additionally, Joe’s old New York neighbor Paco (Luca Padovan) was not in this current season but maybe he will return in the future. “OK but imagine if Ellie actually moves to New York and meets Paco, and they become friends and then they return at the end of season 3,” one user said. “I wonder what happened to Paco (Joe’s neighbor’s kid) from season 1. I wonder if he’ll come looking for Joe in season 3,” another person wrote.

Another fan had an interesting thought — that perhaps Joe’s new neighbor is Paco’s mom, Claudia. “What if Paco is Joe’s new neighbor and has grown and wants to expose Joe!!! He saw Beck in the basement/she told him Joe was dangerous!!!” they exclaimed.

The Lady in the Backyard Is Love’s Next Victim

Other people believe the woman in the backyard will just be Love’s next victim — not Joe’s. “She will KILL the neighbor, Joe. Do you hear me? Do not play with Love,” one user warned. “My first thought when he started creeping. And if he tries to defend her, she’ll kill him too … or lock him up so he doesn’t try to leave her,” another person wrote.

Penn Badgley Kissing His Costar in You
Courtesy of Netflix

Love’s Baby Isn’t Joe’s

Before Joe tried to kill his girlfriend, she revealed she was pregnant with his child. Now, fans aren’t buying it, and they think someone else is the father. “Love’s baby isn’t Will’s a.k.a. Joe. How can it be?? Will was with Delilah for the second half of the show, and Love was with Milo. So, wouldn’t the baby daddy be Milo?” one person reasoned. Love did share that she used protection with Milo, though, so this might be harder to prove.

Clearly, we could spend hours discussing this thrilling series. Now, get us a third season, Netflix!