It looks like Young Ma got a kick start on her New Year’s resolutions — and fans are screaming “OOOUUU.” The Brooklyn rapper took to social media to show off her weight loss and shared the secret behind dropping an impressive 20 pounds in just two months.

“To all my supporters that keep saying I lost weight… yes it was on purpose,” she wrote on Instagram. “I’ve [stopped] eating meat (beef, pork, chicken, turkey, lamb). I cut my liquor intake into ‘occasionally only’ lol. I’ve been in the gym consistently and I’ve been watching my calorie intake. It was discipline for me of course.”

She continued, “Always wanted to change my diet but wasn’t mentally ready for it at first. Honestly, since I’ve changed up my diet I’ve been less exhausted. I wake up full [of] energy and also mentally I feel good.” Fans showed their support for the 25-year-old hip-hop star and her decision to get healthy in 2018. “You look great, and continue to motivate your fans with all that positive speaking, I’m always listening,” one follower wrote. Another agreed, adding, “You look great. Keep up the good work.”

Young Ma (real name: Katorah Marrero) also revealed that along with her new look, she is working on some new music to follow up her breakout album Herstory, which was released last April. As always, fans can expect Young Ma to speak openly about her sexuality in her songs. “I was scared to express it to people who are close to me,” she told The Guardian about coming out as a teen. “That was me not accepting it yet, even though I knew deep down in my heart that I liked women.”

She continued, “Once I became myself, the music was a wrap. Music is my expression. Music is my release. Music is my therapy. This is where I’m going to speak about my sexuality. I’ve held it in for so long, now I can express it.” Keep it up, Ma!