Teen dramas are common, but woke teen dramas are an anomaly. YouTube Red‘s new original series — Youth & Consequences — puts a refreshing spin on the chichéd high school genre. Described as a “woke” version of Mean Girls, Y&C boldly tackles hot-button issues like feminism, gender identity, and the seemingly life-or-death stakes of adolescence. But, it’s totally binge-worthy because it still includes the not-so-guilty-pleasure themes like makeovers, make-outs, and clique wars.

The new series is set to release March 7 and is already stirring up buzz thanks to its lead actress, Anna Akana. The YouTube sensation boasts over two million subscribers on the streaming platform from sharing vlogs with her followers. In Y&C, she plays Farrah Cutney aka the girl everyone wishes they were in school. She’s a master of her domain, queen of “spin,” and the resident “fixer.” Watch the clip below to see Farrah tackle her latest project of transforming Grace Ho, the “loser,” into a successful ​candidate​ for class president​!

“Remember the key is getting power first, then when you’re on top you can make change happen,” Farrah tells a stunned Grace. But, will Farrah be successful in turning the “nobody” into a “somebody?”

The scripted drama tackles the seemingly life-or-death stakes of adolescence. On the heels of a suicide, the Olivia Pope-esque protagonist dives into the private lives of today’s tech-savvy teens, unearthing the struggles of personal identity, and the rumor mill at the center of it all: Central Rochester High.

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(Photo Credit: YouTube)

The Mark Gordon Company (Grey’s Anatomy, Criminal Minds) partners with the YouTube Red to deliver the new series. The cast includes Marcia Cross (Desperate Housewives) as Principal Cowher, Carey Elwes (The Princess Bride) as Farrah’s father, along with Sean Grandillo (The Real O’Neals), Kara Royster (Pretty Little Liars), Savannah Jayde (Big Time Rush), and Sophie Reynolds (Gamer’s Guide To Everything).

Prepare to witness storylines ripped from the headlines including the transgender bathroom debate, teen suicide, and divorce. Don’t miss Youth & Consequences airing Wednesday, March 7 on YouTube Red.