Former One Direction singer Zayn Malik is something of a bracelet addict. At any time, you’ll see him with his wrists completely covered in stacks of the cuffs. However, on March 20, he revealed which one of his bangles is his favorite — and for the cutest reason.

“Zayn loves that I love his ‘I’m with you’ bracelet and he himself confirmed that it’s HIS favorite,” a fan tweeted. It didn’t take long for the singer to chime in and confirm the news. “I love it because Gigi [Hadid] bought me it,” he responded. If you don’t know all of Zayn’s jewelry by heart (how dare you?) it’s the red beaded one that has “I’m with you” embroidered on it. How cute it that!


The piece is part of jewelry designer Roxanne Assoulin‘s “tie one on” collection, described as being “inspired by Brazilian wish bracelets, you can wear these babies until they fall off, or, until you get the message.” Though the piece was “handmade with love” it only retails for around $40, which makes it even cuter that it’s his fave.

Zayn has been much more public about his love for Gigi since they reunited in March 2019. While he’s a private guy, he recently tweeted “love you” at his girlfriend, and that’s far from his first big gesture to show her he cares. “Zayn bombarded Gigi with flowers and romantic gestures after they split,” a source told Life & Style exclusively. “At first Gigi remained strong, but she’s given in to his pleas and wants to give their relationship another shot.”

Fans are certainly happy to see them back together. “That’s actually cute u two are the cutest,” said a fan after he shared the story behind his bracelet. Another agreed, writing, “can you please just marry her like … right now?” Lordt knows we would be here for it!